Fuel Delivery Trucks

0 23 January 2018

Fuel Delivery Trucks

With frigid temperatures upon us, think about Interstate Insurance Management for your Fuel Oil delivery truck risks. We can help! Fuel Hauler classes we can write:

  • Gasoline/Diesel
  • Fuel oil
  • Kerosene
  • Crude Oil
  • LPG

Lines of business we can write:

  • Commercial Auto Liability
    • Up to $5 Million CSL
    • Pollution Liability Buyback up to $1 millon
  • Physical Damage
  • General Liability
  • Cargo
    • Available for all petroleum types
    • Available stand only or with Commercial Auto

Don’t be left out in the cold!  Contact us today for more information or send your submissions to submissions@interstate-insurance.com. Marcia McDermott Senior Underwriter – Auto T: 800.452.0297 ext 0297 | D: 814.410.0297 marcie@interstate-insurance.com www.interstate-insurance.com

0 11 July 2017

When you think of Interstate transportation, do you think “surplus lines” or “non-standard”? We need to change your way of thinking. Several of our agents recently commented that they are placing their truck business directly with “standard” markets. We are here to tell you that all of our truck markets are “standard” and admitted. In fact, our transportation carriers are bigger and are more financially sound than most direct retail markets. When you represent such giants as Zurich, National Casualty (Nationwide), Northland (Travelers), National Indemnity (Berkshire Hathaway), and Canal, you can’t help but be proud of the business that you do. We sleep well at night and so should you.

Give us a call today on any transportation risk and remember we provide solutions for you – we deliver.

Let’s grow together!

Ann Wysocki
Senior Underwriter-Auto

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0 20 April 2017

There is a little known and often overlooked issue that continues to grow within the trucking industry.

“Truckers are responsible not only for liability, but also for any physical damage to trailers of others while in their possession.”

The Risk
It is common practice for truckers to use trailers belonging to others in the normal course of their business. All ISO Coverage Forms (Business Auto, Truckers, Motor Carrier) extend Liability Coverage for non-owned trailers while attached to a covered auto.

Truckers however are often responsible not only for liability, but also for any physical damage that occurs to trailers of others while in their possession. Physical Damage Coverage for non-owned trailers is excluded by standard ISO coverage forms, which exclude liability for property of others while in the insured’s care, custody, or control. This coverage must be added, and is occasionally referred to as “bailee coverage” – a bailee being “any individual or entity which holds property of another”, the property in this case being a trailer.

Solutions for Providing Physical Damage for Non-Owned Trailers 1) Non-Owned Trailer Physical Damage

0 22 March 2017

Many commercial auto insurers are abandoning the space as costs surge.

That is the verdict of Jack Buchan, president of Interstate Insurance Management, who believes that pricing is causing a myriad of problems.

“Some carriers are exiting the market – I don’t want to name names but there are several who’ve gotten out. It’s supply and demand, if there’s less capacity out there you get an increase in pricing,” he stated.

“The pricing is still not where it needs to be. We’re seeing a 5%-6% increase in claims costs about every year and we haven’t seen rates keep up with that,” he continued.

“There’s a lot of naïve capital out there that will fib pricing in this business.

“They (brokers) really want to have all the coverages right – liability coverages, truck cargo coverages, general liability coverages, workers’ compensation coverages. But if they want to get the right coverage they need to go to a professional underwriting facility that specializes in transportation.”

While there are a host of risks in the commercial auto business, that can also create an opportunity according to one such specialist, Ryan Turner Specialty. Its senior vice president of transportation and workers’ compensation Lynn Cogger Koop spoke to Insurance Business about putting together a trucking program.

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0 11 October 2016

Your Long Haul trucker needs a commercial auto policy that provides the right coverage and radius that give the security they expect for a successful operation.

Why should a trucker worry about radius restrictions and improper coverages when we can place them with one of our many Long Haul markets? We even have Long Haul options for new ventures.

Great pricing! Great coverage! Great reputation!

Get it all at Interstate. See what we can do for your trucker clients.

We’ve been helping truckers since 1970.

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Kristine Hutzell | Underwriter-Auto
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0 29 August 2016

Our carriers are always looking for ways to better cover their insureds. One option is by offering coverage extension endorsements within their standard coverage forms. We can help you finalize your next sale with National Casualty’s Special Coverages Endorsement.

Some of the highlights of this endorsement include:
Down-time Loss Expense Coverage (Loss of Business Income)
Electronic Equipment Coverage
Loan or Lease Gap Coverage
Personal Effects Coverage
Many others…

Please click here for a complete list of enhancements and features.

This endorsement is available at no charge to the insured.

Contact your Interstate underwriter today for more information on this and our other products.

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Jordan DeFrances | Underwriter-P&C
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0 19 July 2016

Recently Bound Auto Business – Top 6 Classes:
Dry Van
Refrigerated Goods
Specialized (auto haulers, livestock, mobile homes, etc.)

We can quote any size account in the above categories and much more!

Send your submissions today!

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April Simms | Underwriter-Auto
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0 28 June 2016

Interstate is your one stop shop for “people on the move” – limos, buses, non-emergency medical transport and more. We have the market for you! Interstate partners with the top Public Auto markets in the industry to provide superior coverage and red carpet service. Here are just a few examples of the classes of business we write:

  • High-end luxury sedans
  • Stretch limousines
  • Airport transportation
  • Sightseeing & guided tours
  • Trolleys
  • Religious transportation
  • Taxis
  • Shuttles
  • Employee transport
  • Van service and more…

Interstate is also pleased to announce our expansion with National Indemnity into Maryland & Delaware! Contact Interstate, we’re here for you!! Be sure to check out our website for more info on how to win a GoPro Hero camera when you bind a public auto account. Email all submissions to: submissions@interstate-insurance.com Heather Connor, AAI | Underwriter-Auto T: 800.452.0297 | F: 814.255.6010 heather@interstate-insurance.com

0 17 May 2016

It’s time for spring clean up and Interstate Insurance Management Inc has just the products to “spruce” up rates for the following business operations:

  • Landscapers
  • Street Sweepers
  • Tree Trimming Services
  • Painters
  • Exterminators
  • General remodeling contractors

Interstate can quote all of these classes and more for Auto and General Liability coverage with A++ rated carriers Rates are available in the following states: PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, NC Broadened Pollution Endt (CA9948) is available. Accounts with 1 – 4 units can be submitted for quoting by completing a Quick Quote form for auto coverage and Acord GL form. Once completed you can e-mail to submissions@interstate-insurance.com Please call for information on quoting larger accounts with 5+ units. We look forward to growing our business together. Email all submissions to: submissions@interstate-insurance.com Marcia McDermott | Underwriter-Auto T: 800.452.0297 | F: 814.255.6010 marcie@interstate-insurance.com

0 30 November 2015

I came across a recent post on Facebook from a frustrated trucker. It said:

“I monitor 18 gauges, 12 warning lights, and 9 mirrors. It takes me 10 times as long as you to get up to highway speed and 20 times as long as you to stop. I have special laws to learn and memorize. There are thousands of special law enforcement officers whose sole purpose is to keep me from screwing up. I operate 2 dozen various valves, switches, and controls. I do all of this while you drive like an idiot behind me, in front of me, and on the side of me. I leave my family and friends behind and live in a box so that you don’t have to run out of toilet paper. So don’t curse me—THANK ME. “ 

That post, to me, is where the rubber meets the road. How fortunate we are to be in this business. How blessed we are to know these brave men and women who are out there in all kinds of weather and traffic to see that shelves are stocked in every store in America.

So today, thank a trucker.

Ann Wysocki Senior Underwriter – Auto p: 800.452.0297 | f: 814-255-6010 ann@interstate-insurance.com www.interstate-insurance.com