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0 15 March 2016

New Program!

Admitted carrier writing craft beverage brewers and distillers. Package policies, liquor liability and commercial umbrella.

Specialized coverage enhancements include:

  • Beverage product leakage
  • Spoilage coverage
  • Peak season coverage
  • Product recall expense
  • Off-premises service interruption
  • Special event coverage (for festivals, tastings, etc)
  • Tour liability
  • Supplementary payments (compensating for loss of earnings, bail bonds)

Target Classes include:

  • Brew pubs
  • Micro breweries
  • Regional craft breweries
  • Nano breweries
  • Micro/craft distilleries
  • Specialty craft beer / wine shops
  • Wineries

Send us your craft beverage risks today!

Email all submissions to:
Melanie Norland, AAI, AU | Underwriter-P&C
T: 800.452.0297 | F: 814.255.6010

0 11 February 2016

This Saturday and Sunday, current predictions are for wind chills of -20 near the coast in DE, VA and MD, increasing the threat of burst water pipes in condominiums, homes and businesses. By taking a few simple precautions, you can help save our insureds the mess, money, and aggravation frozen pipes cause.

Interstate Insurance Management, Inc. property policies include a warranty (Form CP0411) that requires that all locations maintain a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, year round. We are recommending you ask your owners and property managers to check the heating in all units and actually turn it above 55 degrees (maybe more like 69 degrees) for 2 days to counter the effects of the extreme cold and windy conditions that will occur this Saturday and Sunday.

Here are a few more simple tips to help your clients safeguard their properties:

  • If the building is vacant or closed for the season, make sure the property manager not only turns the heat up but also walks through the entire building, including every unit, several times a day – not only during the freeze event but several days thereafter. Prompt discovery of burst pipes will reduce the severity of a claim.
  • Make sure the property manager knows the location of the main water turn off valve to the building.

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0 2 February 2016

Trucking operations Eligible exposures Local and intermediate accounts 0-300 radius hauling

  • Livestock
  • General commodities
  • Mail and periodicals
  • Dry van loads
  • Iron and steel, including pipe
  • Machinery or equipment
  • Building materials
  • Containers
  • Flatbed loads
  • Water
  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Refrigerated loads
  • Grain

Garbage and waste operations Eligible exposures

  • Garbage collection
  • Salvage hauling
  • Dismantled auto hauling
  • Construction debris hauling
  • Waste materials hauling
  • Scrap dealers

We have many options for your trucking needs and Zurich is one of our top markets and growing. Contact your Interstate Underwriter for more information. Submissions can be sent to Pamela A Spangler | Underwriter-Auto T: 800-452-0297 | F: 814.255.6010

0 12 January 2016

Equipment Breakdown is a misunderstood coverage that is often thought of as strictly boiler related.  In reality, less than 5% of losses are actually boiler related while 70% of losses are electrical in nature. Most property packages exclude losses due to steam boiler and centrifugal explosion, loss due to mechanical breakdown and loss due to electrical arcing. The intent of Equipment Breakdown coverage is to fill those specific gaps (exclusions) for property damage, business interruption, extra expense and consequential coverage.

Electrical Losses:
Office Building- Electrical arcing destroyed three main electrical panels and left an office building without power. Temporary measures were taken to restore power to tenants – particularly to an accounting firm that was in the height of its tax season crunch.
Total Loss: $ 1,597,389.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Losses:
Apartment Building- An air conditioning motor burned out in an apartment building during the height of summer. Ninety-plus degree temperatures necessitated setting up four rented “spot coolers.” Overtime was required to get the motor back on line.
Property Damage: $ 83,557.
Extra Expense: $ 16,794.
Total Loss: $ 100,351.

Restaurant- The rupture of a pipe from t

0 30 November 2015

I came across a recent post on Facebook from a frustrated trucker. It said:

“I monitor 18 gauges, 12 warning lights, and 9 mirrors. It takes me 10 times as long as you to get up to highway speed and 20 times as long as you to stop. I have special laws to learn and memorize. There are thousands of special law enforcement officers whose sole purpose is to keep me from screwing up. I operate 2 dozen various valves, switches, and controls. I do all of this while you drive like an idiot behind me, in front of me, and on the side of me. I leave my family and friends behind and live in a box so that you don’t have to run out of toilet paper. So don’t curse me—THANK ME. “ 

That post, to me, is where the rubber meets the road. How fortunate we are to be in this business. How blessed we are to know these brave men and women who are out there in all kinds of weather and traffic to see that shelves are stocked in every store in America.

So today, thank a trucker.

Ann Wysocki Senior Underwriter – Auto p: 800.452.0297 | f: 814-255-6010

0 3 November 2015

Do you write or want to write any of these types of businesses?  Interstate Insurance has access to an “A+” rated admitted company.  To place all of these  classes, send your submissions to

  • Animal Related
  • Education & Day Care
  • Family Services & Counseling
  • Food Distributing & Thrift Stores
  • Arts & Cultural
  • Clubs
  • Housing & Shelters
  • Community Services
  • Recreation & Sports
  • Religious
  • Youth Services
  • Foundations & Grant Making
  • And More….

Jeffrey R. McDonough, ARM Branch/Underwriting Manager DC, DE, MD, NC & VA p: 410-628-1744 x12 | f :814-255-6010 p: 800-759-7779

0 13 October 2015

Fall is upon us – the season of change. So why not also change the way you look at Interstate!

  • Do you use Interstate only for transportation business?
  • Did you know that half of the business we write is small commercial, special property, human services and professional?
  • Did you know we have online quoting capabilities?
  • Have you checked out our new website?

We are not only specialists in the transportation market – we offer a vast assortment of products for P & C lines as well! Change the way you look at us. Check it out today at Adrienne Secriskey | Underwriter-Auto T: 800-452-0297 | F: 814.255.6010

0 22 September 2015

Are you having difficulty finding coverage for an auto repair shop or auto dealership? Let us help you find the right coverage! – Liability – Up to $1,000,000 occ/$3,000,000 Aggregate. – Garagekeepers – $100,000 max limit per vehicle with acceptable lot security, and up to $15 million per location. – Dealers & non-dealers plates (uninsured motorists coverage is required) – Property and tool floater available for mobile operation on non-admitted policies Optional Coverages Available: – Broadened coverage (includes $100,000 Fire legal) – Variety of additional insureds – False pretense – Fire legal – Dealers error & omissions Auto Wholesalers, Auto Detailing Shops, Car Washes, Roadside Assistance, Salvage Yards, Emergency Vehicle & Equipment Sales & Service, Farming Equipment Sales & Services, Fabrication, Valet Parking What is Required: – Completed Garage Application – Three years loss history – new ventures accepted with prior experience Email all submissions to: Francisca Lee | Underwriter-P&C T: 410-628-1744 | F: 814.255.6010

0 1 September 2015

We just keep growing! With competitive markets you can count on, our Zurich paper is EXCLUSIVE to Interstate for our contracted states (PA, MD, DE, NJ, DC, VA, WV, NC). With extremely competitive rates for Truckers (NTL too!), Business Auto and Public Auto, Zurich insures a multitude of truckers including:

  • Marcellus Shale exposures
  • Garbage haulers
  • Dumps
  • Couriers
  • Scrap haulers
  • Household goods movers
  • Farm operations
  • Mail delivery

Business Auto Zurich has too many classes to list:

  • Any kind of contractor, crane/booms, multiple mobile businesses, snow removal.

Public Auto classes include

    • For hire such as limos, airport transport, bingo/casino transport
    • As well as a wide variety of courtesy and social services risks

    We will also check our other valued auto markets (Northland, National Casualty, National Liability & Fire/Indemnity, Canal, Rockwood, American Mining, ARI, Aspen, Lloyds) for the best rates possible. We want your business!! Kristine Hutzell Underwriter – Auto T: 800.452.0297 | F: 814.255.6010

0 18 August 2015

Effective May 23rd 2015, the Pennsylvania PUC has increased the filing responsibility limit for common and contract carriers of property or household goods (for- hire truckers) from the existing limit of $300,000 to a newly required minimum limit of $750,000. The newly required limit is effective immediately for all vehicles engaged in intrastate commerce with a gross vehicle weight of over 10,000 pounds for a single vehicle, or a gross combination weight of over 10,000 pounds for an articulated vehicle. Hot shots, tow trucks, box trucks, straight trucks, larger trucks and tractor trailers will all fall under this classification and will now need to satisfy a $750,000 minimum financial responsibility limit. Cargo insurance filing requirements remain at $5,000 excepting those operations exempted by code, and single and articulated vehicles with gross weight or gross combination weight ratings of 10,000 pounds or less will continue to be required to evidence $300,000 of financial responsibility. What does this mean for your for-hire insureds? Nearly all, excepting those of very small vehicles, will now need to carry and evidence a minimum of $750,000 of coverage to maintain Pennsylvania PUC Authority. New Form-E Filings do not need to be made. The language on the Form E Filing indicates that the filing carrier (insurance company) has provided “insurance covering the obligations